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Make Your Business Easier To Find

Paulette Baker - Tuesday, October 04, 2016











We’re in the season of harvest and consumers tend to purchase

more during this time of year--so you definitely want to make

your business easier to find.  




I’ve been in resale for over 21+ years, owned my current consignment

store for 15+ years and marketing has changed so much from when I

started out. Presently, you can give your business major exposure, thus

making it easy to find, in many different platforms (for FREE) that were

not available just a few years ago.



If you havn't already, take the steps necessary to give your business

extra exposure for increased sales and more success. Have patience,

set aside time because it will take some of your attention to get the ball

rolling, but it pays off BIG in the end.



Here are a few steps you can take to make your business easier to find:




1)     Be sure your brick and mortar store has good legible exterior




2)      When advertising, identify major landmarks near your business;



3)     Be sure you have a current updated Google Business Account;



4)     Add a “contact us” page w/a google map to your store’s website;



5)    Open and establish social media platforms then everyday market

       and invite people to your business always include your business

       address your landmark, store hours and website.



6)     Link or reference all of your online accounts to each other.



When you identify major landmarks near your business, this will

help shoppers find you as well. Having a Google Business Account

(I believe it is free) allows your business to show up in Google

searches, anywhere in the world, especially in your area. For

instance, if a group or individual is in your area and plans to shop

resale consignment more than likely they will Google consignment

or resale stores in that city. If you’re registered with Google as a

business (and have the proper meta lines), you will show up in

the search.




I hope this small excerpt from the Money Maker Consignments

Systems Premium Guide Book will help you to enhance your

business and profits in this season of harvest.  




For more information on how to enhance your consignment

resale business visit

for products and services.


{Excerpt from The Money Maker Consignment Systems Premium Edition Book}




Loving Resale,

Paulette R. Baker





Put the Beach Back In Your Life!

Paulette Baker - Monday, September 19, 2016





Put the Beach Back In Your Life!!

For the Female Entrepreneur.




Summer is officially over for some depending on where you live.

I'm here in sunny SE Georgia on the Atlantic Coast where the

Winters are very, very mild and beach time is year around.

Would you believe I've lived here for 30+ years and just recently

in the last 7 years started frequenting the beach regularly. What

was my problem and what took me so long?

As busy business women we sometimes put ourselves last and

don’t take time to appreciate the beach in our lives. You may not

live on the coast, but the beach in your life is about encouraging

yourself--taking time to do the little things for yourself often and

with passion.


Here are a few easy tips to help you put the beach back in your life:  



1)Tell yourself, You’re the best!



I have inspirational art around my home and in my office to remind me

of a few things about myself. Everyday tell yourself you’re gifted, you’re

talented, you’re beautiful and that God created you to be the BEST.

That’s right! You’re uniquely crafted and valuable and there’s only one





2)  Work a little harder toward finishing a PERSONAL project!



Yes, I know. We do fall a little short sometimes on finishing projects.

But keep GRINDING! For the next seven days work a little harder on

that one PERSONAL project that YOU have yet to complete.




3)  Journal daily and make it a habit!


I can remember writing in my dairy as a young girl…dreaming and

declaring what I was going to do and be when I grew up…and it came

to past…WOW! I still use the same technique: capture, plan and

succeed. Journaling is such an important powerful life changing tool

when coupled with faith + action. See your dreams come true. YOU

are what you WRITE!






4)  Buy yourself a few undergarment sets!


I know this is a little personal, but when women dress well underneath

as well as on top…we feel so much more put together and doubly valued.

If you haven’t lately, take time, treat yourself and walk tall!  





5)  Dress to impress, even when you don’t feel it!





I’m a little old school on this one. Just running out to the market or to get

gas and it’s a casual day, make it a CUTE chic casual day!






6)  Wear lipstick (or lip gloss) and smile!



Hydrate those lips and smile. Give yourself additional energy

by smiling more. Plus, you’ll make new friends and generate

more income!


Take time enjoy the beach in your life!


For more daily inspiration, self-encouragement and business tips,

follow me on

Instagram @name_brand_consignments and/or




Taking the time,



Paulette R. Baker - Entrepreneur | Author | Blogger

Creator of Money Maker Consignments Systems Products & Services

Owner of Name Brand Consignments Boutique - Brunswick, Georgia

1(888) 576-5527




The Power Of a Business Card

Paulette Baker - Tuesday, September 06, 2016








Did you know the proper use of your business card can increase your bottom line?


Business cards are excellent tools to use to add value and increase to your business.

It has many, many benefits when you're not shy about handing it out on purpose.

Some of the benefits are:


1)  it promotes your company, brand and logo;


2)  introduces someone to your business;


3)  invites people to do business with you (brick-mortar or on-line);


4)  gives your business exposure; and/or


5)  offers a resolution to a problem you’re paid to solve


Whenever you’re out and about or having a casual conversation, introduce yourself,

tell the person you’re talking to what you do and then give them your business card

on purpose. Yes, invite them to do business with you.




in the presence of and how your business may be the answer to a problem in someone's

life. They may even refer you to someone else like a friend or someone in their family.

Many successful business leads and sales came from personal business card referrals.



Even if you’re not out and about and a newbie comes into your business (brick-mortar)

be sure to give them a business card and thank them for stopping and/or shopping.

Believe it or not, people sometimes forget where they have stopped and shopped

during the course of the week. When they have your business card on hand, they can

reference it to make another purchase or pass it on to a friend.



Be sure your business cards are professionally done and have the adequate information.

If you feel uncomfortable or shy about giving your business card out, practice at home

what you would say about yourself and your business. You will be surprised who will do

business with you when you invite them.



Don’t be quiet about your business. Go ahead, take on the challenge get in the habit of

handing out your business cards on purpose and watch your business soar!  


The above article is an excerpt from my Money Maker Consignments Systems Premium

Guide Book - For the Professional Consignment and Resale Store owner.  Purchase

a complete book today at for more success




Loving Resale,


Paulette R. Baker

Expert Consignment & Resale Business Coach


7 Steps to Good Store Hygiene

Paulette Baker - Tuesday, August 30, 2016




7 Steps to Good Store Hygiene -  Conditions that keep your store young, fresh

and shoppers coming back for more




1)  Keep your windows and doors free of signs and flyers. Your store windows

are not bulletin boards for the community, but should be used to merchandise

and introduce what’s inside your store.




2)  Have your windows professionally cleaned inside and out monthly and/or

bi-monthly. It makes a huge difference looking out and in.




3)  Dust & Windex your glass counter tops, racks, shelves, floors (vacuum)

weekly. Check high and take down corner spider webs.




4)  Change out your displays weekly. You don’t have to take down the entire

display. Switch out the blouse, jewelry or handbag for example and then wax

the tops of your medal racks with scented or unscented candles for smoother

movement and ease of shopping.




5)  Choose one day of the month to de-clutter select areas of your store. If it’s

been there more than 90 days, pass it on. Can’t move the clothing on the racks?

It’s time.




6)  Rearrange your Decompression Zone (DZ) and re-up air fresheners. No sitting

chairs in your DZ area—merchandise and displays only.




7)  Post new pics of your store on your social media platforms (i.e., Facebook,

Instagram and/or Pinterest, etc.) and invite consumers to your store for

weekend shopping.




Money Maker Consignments Systems
Paulette R. Baker - Expert Consignment Business Coach







Hangers Matter!

Paulette Baker - Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hangers Matter!! --



A Merchandising Tip For Beginner Resalers!


Hi, I want to share this with you and I hope it will help some of you that

may be just starting out. This is huge for you and your business. Hangers

are an important investment and adds soooo much value to your store’s

merchandise and atmosphere. Whether your about to open, just opening

or have been around for a little while, this is one of the things you have to

invest in--it will make a major difference in your profits! When I started out

15 years ago, I visited with my local department store(s) shipping & receiving

department. I inquired who the manager was, got their name, found out their

schedule and would visit on a weekly basis letting them know I am a local

consignment store needing hangers—they got to know me and I got them

for FREE. Of course as time passed and my business grew I had to purchase

additional hangers from a supply company, but visiting local department

store(s) helped keep my expense down a great deal. 




Hangers matter! Here’s WHY. Appearance is so important in a retail shop

that you should put a great deal of thought into planning and executing

your displays.—an excerpt from When hangers are

consistent throughout it makes merchandise pop, clothing are displayed

and presented in a delightful manner and it sends a signal to your

shoppers: A signal of value, quality and order. Consistent hangers

make for an easy shopping flow. When hangers are consistent

throughout, it transforms your store’s look and feel--causing shoppers

to look longer and buy more. It gives the shopper a boutique and/or

department store experience (shoppers love the ease of consistent

hanger shopping—it’s good on the eye). Consistent hangers are like

garnish on a plate of food in a fancy restaurant—they make the

clothes look better. Mixed matched hangers in a resale/consignment

store could be a trigger or reminder to shoppers that they are in a

low-end mish-mosh store and they will expect to pay equivalent prices

even though it is quality merchandise. So consistent hangers throughout

really do matter—it will increase your bottom line significantly.

Great success with your consignment and resale business!!  



Paulette Baker

Expert Consignment Business Coach

(888) 576-5527




7 Steps to a Faster Refund When Your Business Card is Compromised

Paulette Baker - Friday, March 04, 2016



Seven Steps to Faster Refund When Your Credit Card Has Been Compromised:

Recently my business credit card was compromised. Not sure how because the card was

still in my possession and someone made a purchase in another state over $1,000. Credit

Card theft is so invasive and aggravating.  When this happens you must take the proper

steps to be sure that card is cancelled and your monies are refunded to your account asap.

These are the seven steps I took and my money was restored to my account within a few




1)  Immediately call your banking institution. If it’s on the weekend call 1800# for lost or stolen

card. You can find that number on the website home page of the banking institution or you can

Google you bank’s name.


2)  When reporting your card compromised/stolen, be sure to give the bank representative your

card number that was compromised (if you still have the card in your possession). If not they

can pull your compromised credit card information once certain confidential information is

obtained and confirmed by you: For example: SSN, DOB, Address, Security Question and

your most recent purchase you made on the comprised credit card.


3)  Once you have given the bank rep and/or call center all the information, be sure to get

the name of the call center taking the call (if it’s on the weekend or after hours and it

probably will not be your direct bank institution, but a call center who has access and

authority to cancel your card) and the person’s name you spoke with and their extension.


4)  Go to your banking institution immediately or the very next business day to reorder a

new card and complete your fraudulent card use report. Once this is done, your bank

should restore your account with what they call provisional funds. The provisional funds

should be available almost immediately (depending on your bank) once your fraudulent

report has been filed and authorized by your bank.


5)  While waiting for you new card to come in the mail (it normally takes 5-10 business

days), make a list of all the companies you have auto pay set up with. You may want to

contact those businesses to let them know your credit card was compromised, and that

you will update your credit card information once you receive your new card.


6)  Once your new card is received, activate it from home. Go to your list of contacts you

previously made, contact and update you credit card information with the companies you

have auto debits set up with. If you have accounts accessible online you can update your

account information by signing into your account (username/password) and update you

banking information in account settings.


7)  This may be a good time to make a list/copy of all your credit cards, the company’s you

do business with and/or that you have auto-pay set with, your user/log-in name/password

and keep it in a safe secure place in your home. In the event you need to access this

information, you will have it in a safe and secure place.  


Paulette Baker

Expert Consignment Business Coach


5 Secret Helpful Tips that could save you 100's

Paulette Baker - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Five Secret Helpful Tips That Could Save You 100's:   


As a matter of fact...they're probably already in your house!!


These are tips that I use at home and in my consignment

business that has saved me time and money.  Hopefully

there is something you can take away that will help you

save too.  


1)    Cut dryer sheets in half

             ...use a half sheet in the dryer get the same results.


2)    Dilute fabric softner with ¼ water

           …takes your laundry a little further.


3)    Use 2 caps of bleach in your dish water

   kill virus causing germs.


4)    Gather your favorite slivers of soap in a knee hi nylon sock....

               knot it and shower up for a few days  more.


5)    A stain remover that works better than anything I’ve ever used.

            ...Awesome! Get at Dollar General…it only costs $1.


If you have tips that have saved you time and money...please share

with me...I would love to hear!!


Paulette Baker 

Entrepreneur/Resale Lover/Motivational Speaker

Name Brand Consignments & Resale Boutique

129 Shoppers Way – Brunswick, Georgia 31525

(912) 264-0196


Three Way Cyber Street...Can it Save Your Store??

Paulette Baker - Thursday, December 17, 2015




3-Way Cyber Streets…Can it save your business??


Happy Holidays Shop Owners!! I hope you have planned with your staff/family exciting and engaging improvements for your consignment store, shoppers and clients for 2016! This includes creative ways to gain more profits, engage more cash paying customers, gain newer/better consignors, house LESS meaningless merchandise on your racks and keep your consignors and shoppers happy and engaged with your company.



This coming year for my consignment company I’m excited for our NEW and ENGAGING!! Yes this has been a year that I’ve had to be more creative than ever to keep things going and $$ flowing. Some things worked and some things hit the ground and that’s all it hit. Ok so what do I have that is new and engaging?…Glad you asked!.: Web sales aka cyber sales…that reach the WORLD!! Talk about being Nationally recognized. Online sells could put you there and help pad your store’s pocketbook assisting with overhead, staffing, computer upgrades, etc. Did you know that in 2014 alone annual e-retail sales surpassed $300 billion for the first time. Yes, that's correct, web sales totaled $304.91 billion in 2014 up 15.4% from 2013 (up 15% every year for the past 4 years) according to U.S. Commerce Department.






This past year I got bold enough and tested the CYBER SPACE WEB SALE WATERS for myself and I’m excited to say, that I got a small piece, of that billion dollar pie mentioned above. For 2016, I plan to capitalize more on Web Sales for Name Brand Consignments...It did me good this year.  I call it a three-way cyber street, because it benefits the consignor, the agent (you/your company) and the buyer. Learn how to drive on it. I am releasing other areas in my company that gained little or no profits and dedicating more time to web sales!!


Need to get your cyber marketing/selling drivers license?  Start out with your local Small Business Administrative Office and/or local college. Sometimes they offer classes on Social Media, Marketing and Sales Online, etc. This will give you a great foundation to understanding the Cyber Market and how it could work for your company. Don’t say, “I’m a one man stand I can’t afford to close my store”. You can’t afford not to for one-day out a few weeks to invest in yourself and your business. Besides this would be a great reason to engage you customers and consignors—create an email (and I hope you have and are building a email database with your shoppers and consignors) and let them know you’re doing something new and creative in your company…and that you may be closed on Monday’s for the next 4 weeks or so.  Keep them informed each week with brief yet interesting e-mails aka e-blasts be sure to include great pictures of you in class or studying your new materials and how it’s going to help sell their items to a broader market and faster!! Your business clients want to see you succeed…they will support you...while you're getting your cyber drivers licence and beyond!!


OK…I’m done really. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope this helps!!





Paulette Baker

Owner - Name Brand Consignments

Brunswick, Georgia  






Some Delightful, Some Sad

Paulette Baker - Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Paulette R. Baker

Name Brand Consignments

Brunswick, Georgia



We have entered the Holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas again and many shoppers 

and consignors at Name Brand Consignments have done their holiday drop offs, picked up 

checks and made purchases.  All in the course of sharing real life stories experienced 

during the year and even now--some delightful, some sad.   For many, this time of year is 

delightful, gift giving and fun, but for others it is a time of condemnation, sickness and sadness. 

In all our discussions, we always close the conversation with gratefulness (for the good times 

and bad times).  


Out of all these conversations, many ask for prayers and thoughts for themselves and their 

families in the time of sadness.  So I'm asking you reading this blog that are STRONG this 

holiday season, to bear the infirmities of the weak by praying for and encouraging those 

(and their families) near you who may be in a struggle of depression, sickness and/or 

mental illness.


If I could share a short of my story, this holiday time has been difficult for me. Normally I would 

be in the kitchen on thanksgiving eve prepping and cooking, but sickness has struck my 

FAMILY this year. My big little brother…lol…Sammy (he’s older than me) is in the hospital in 

another State recovering from a severe stroke. This time last year, his feet were under my 

table (along with the rest of the family) enjoying a thanksgiving DINNER together. Today he 

is unable to talk or swallow food and is being fed temporarily by a feeding tube. My family 

and I are hoping that acute therapy will change his situation and he’ll be able to talk and eat 

again soon.   


In spite of all the real life stories, delightful or sad, I am GRATEFUL for my brother’s life and 

the lives of those who are recovering to HEALTH this holiday season.  Thank GOD for Jesus 

Christ and His Great LOVE that has been displayed through each one of us encouraging and

praying for each other! 


If you’re not too busy stop by Name Brand Consignment  Boutique, Brunswick, Georgia, check

out our boutique  and  share your story while you're at it.   I would love to see you and chat. 






Paulette R. Baker

Name Brand Consignments

Entrepreneur and Consignment Coach


How Far Can Merchandising Fundamentals Go?!!

Paulette Baker - Tuesday, September 15, 2015


How Far Can Merchandising Fundamentals Go?!!





Paulette R. Baker - Owner 

Name Brand Consignments 


I’ve been in resale consignments for 20+ years and have found merchandising key to the

success of my business. What is merchandising you ask? It is displaying your product 

throughout your store in ways that will influence the shopper’s buying decision (that is to 

purchase for themselves and/or for someone else).  Another thing that good merchandising 

does, it places a signature on your company. For instance, when I started my company 

15 years ago, I just hung stuff on the racks and yes it sold, eventually. But somewhere 

along the years during my attendance at one of the many NARTS Conferences, I noticed 

something very particular in the many, many stores we shopped on the "Friday All Day 

Bus Tour". In my desperation to take my store to new levels, I noticed that the stores that 

had influential merchandising (and some other things I’ll share later) the energy there was 

so much more than the other stores. The influential merchandising made things look fresh,  

desirable and bright. It wasn’t stuff just hanging on the racks lifelessly or sitting carelessly 

on a shelf. These displays were screaming the names of all 80+ (2 bus loads) of shoppers. 

Some even went back to those stores the next day. What did this influential merchandising 

do?   It influenced me (and other shoppers) to pounce those racks and shop…and that 

we did!  I captured and took this technique back home with me that year and started 

investing, learning and  implementing merchandising strategies and my sales soared to 

new heights.  Now, some years later my company is a destination tour stop and me 

investing and  learning merchandising techniques helped in a major way.  Name Brand 

Consignments is known for her ambiance of displays (and some other things I’ll share later) 

throughout the store.  We try to change our merchandising out every 7-14-21 days 

depending on what area of the store. 


So I would like to share with you this one influential merchandising show stopper that 

may help bring $ales increase to your store: 


  1. The Rule of Three: 
  3. Work your displays in sets of three. Rather than have one display (of a blouse, dress, 
  4. or jeans), do a display of three items sides by side. The middle display maybe the tallest 
  5. and the displays left or right of it a few degrees lower. When using this principle/rule your 
  6. display will really standout and draw the attention of your shopper.

  1. If your not good a putting together displays, you can learn this technique…I did (see the 
  2. above pic)...with just a small continued investment (and I'm still learning).  Check out 
  3. more influential merchandising displays on Pinterest, invest in fashion magazines 
  4. (I personally love fashion magazines) or check out your local nail/spa shop for free 
  5. magazines (just ask) they usually just throw them away after a while. You can also 
  6. take a break from your store (it helps relieve stress too) and visit other resale 
  7. consignment or retail stores, especially boutiques. 


Paulette R. Baker

Name Brand Consignments

p.s. You can follow me aka Name Brand Consignments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.